Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Had lunch with my dad this afternoon. Ate at Longhouse. The lady tt sells Char Kway Teow damn freaking rude to the ultra maxxx! Stupid woman. No manners. Plus i found hair in the food! Ewww. Mega turn off. Didn't eat after tt. Shan't buy from her EVER again!!!

Anyway, i'm gonna watch Avatar later with Zy! ^^ In fact, i'm at his plc now. We're gonna leave soon.


DouDou. My very unglam-act-like-boy furball! (: But.. She has some endearing points too!


So cute right???! She's like a spoilt lil brat t sleeps in luxury. Somore on my bed can. Lol

Here's a vid of DouDou playing with her toy. Mega cute!

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