Sunday, January 17, 2010

Had crabs for dinner today! Woohooooo! :DDDD Mega happy man. I have not eaten crabs for a reallyyy long time! After doing my facial i had dinner with my grandma, uncle & aunt. Best dinner ever so far. Ima happy girl with a satisfied tummy :D My fingers smell of crabs! I likeeeeee (:
Went Lasalle few days ago with Joe. The school is extremely cool! Very artsy. I was very interested in the Fine Arts- Photography. Joe on the other hand, interested in music. He kept persuading me to apply for the course in Lasalle. & I was damn tempted! But my mum won' be happy. She wants me to go poly. The school's js amazing. The ppl there are very different. Joe applied for the course on tt day. I'm pretty sure he would get the course since he alr has the experience (: If i could i would def wanna go Lasalle. Oh well.

When Pst Kong broke the news to the whole church everyone was happy to the max!! We have been waiting for years for a new building. He showed us 25 sites tt they chose initially. The 2 funniest site would be 'Singapore Expo(4 halls)' & 'Tang dynasty' building. Damn funny. But to buy S'pore expo hall is damn expensive. Tpy sports stadium was also considered. If CHC was built there, it would be damn near my place. Js several bus stops away! :DThe location of the building could not be revealed. We only know it's somewhere near central-south. Tt makes me even happier. Why? NEAR MY PLACE!!! Hahahahahahaha. Like finally! (: Praise God for a new building, finally! (:

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