Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It's not what the eye sees,
Nor what the ear hears.
But what the heart truly feels.

I bumped into 3 ppl today!! It never came across my mind tt i would ever bump into anyone at Lavender (where i'm working). I bumped into Nabilla! Lol. Then Kai, who was in a bus packed with many people. Lastly, Hidayah! Who take the same bus as me! Anyhoos, work's pretty boring. I'm def not the office kinda girl. Can't seem to sit still or wake up so early in the morn! ): I want my beauty sleep.

I went over to Beloved's plc to be there for her. When i read her blog in the office i called her immediately. Haven't been able to use the comp at home lately. We chit chatted & all. I'm sure everything's gonna be alright Beloved ^^ Sooner or later it will be.

Headed over to Zy's plc as he is having a fever. Hope he gets well soon! Don't like the fact tt he's sick! Worries me! I went over to pass him Honey Lemon drink & to pray for him. I stayed there only for 10mins before leaving for home. At least i got to see him ^^

Tmr's Firman's birthday BBQ. There will be more pictures taken then! ^^ Tata (:

The photos below are taken by my mum's macbook-Photobooth. It's quite cool.


DouDou with a Blue ribbon! (: My pretty smelly furball (:


Aww.. Look at tt pity looking face!! So adorable.


DouDou becoming like me with a flower on her head! Haha


With my mum! (:

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