Sunday, December 6, 2009

I start work tmr! Working part-time in a office. Just for 2 weeks. Good thing bout it is tt i used to work there. So i'm alr used to the environment (: & I end work at 3pm!! Plus the pay is not so bad despite the fact tt i'm working from 9am-3pm only :D After work ima head to the gym. Gonna meet Zy in the night for dinner ^^
Ytd had cg at RW. There was a flea going on & i bought a black side bag. It's quite nice (: I only spent 10 mins there!! HAHA. Very rare of me to do so. I went home after tt cause i was having cramps & kinda worn out. Today Zy & i went to another flea. This flea market damn atas! LOL. Not the normal kinda fleas. The dresses sold there are mega ex & all the stalls sell brand new clothes. The dresses are really pretty but not for girls below 18. I didn't get anything. Zy bought a Fred Perry shoe tt really suits him alot! (: It was a freaking long tedious walk to the flea as it was pretty hard to find. The moment i reached home i fell asleep. Was damn tired.

Thanks ShiKin for being there! i love you plenty (: & Get well soon! You sound damn ill. Don't drink cold water & we'll def meet real soon with the rest! (:

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