Friday, June 1, 2007

came back from camp not long. it was tiring but FUN. dead fun. we made the leaders and prefects run 4km before the start of the cap. their first sit tet was the bus broke down. then we had lectures the whole day. in the late night, made them watch horror movie then brought them to the cemetry where they had to find their lost friends. then supposed to sleep over at the cemetry but it was going to rain. so made them run back 8km back to the campsite, jalan bahtera. it was past 3am already. then bath and all then lights out. next morn wake up go pulau ubin. walk all the way to our campsite. it was close to evening by the time we reached the campsite. walking distance really tiring. somore had to carry lotsa stuff. conducted bonding games for them to play. then lights out. many fell ill. next morn went back to changi beach to play beach games until noon then topo to this fishing prawn place. really FAR! walk until my legs hurt. fished for prawns. i caught 4! wheeess.. haha. so happy la. LOL. then took bus back to school. cause sec 3 campers went to jalan bahtera campsite, didnt want to clash with them. so camped in school. played games conducted by the leaders. until 11 plus. lecture then lights off. next morn somore games conducted by the leaders and prefects. then fake paintball(waterbomb)! FREAKING FUN LA! DAMN FUN! haha. food dye and water poured into tiny plastic bags. then we used the soccer court and it was filled with barracks and obstacles for us to hide behind. and started throwing bombs at each other. haha. SUPER FUN LA. hees. then rest of the day. then next day played the real paintball. FREAKING DOUBLE FUN!! ahhhs* but it took us quite a while to get there. super fun la. i climb onto the tower to shoot. hees. my team won 2 in a row. hahas. super super fUN! then rest of the day then student leader night. giving out of badges from our graduation. we're the first batch of counsillors. we were given our new student leader tees. NICE! (: then next day, HOME! joy* xDDD

PARADE OF SCHOOLS !! uber nice seh. the cheerleading was not as nice as last year's, but still, it rocked. gonna join next year.

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