Friday, June 8, 2007

finally a day of rest. haha. have been going out for the past few days. GAH! my eyes are pain. went to see a doctor afew days ago. the doctor gave me so many pills la. it's been so long and i'm still having block and runny nose, and cough. last month i went to see a doc already, but nothing changed. so this time went to a diff one. and i'm starting to recover already. ((: YAY* haha.
tuesday is my dance lesson. can't wait. hees. went out with some of the counsillors to go prawning. 1 hour cost 10 bucks. so ex la. daylight robbery man. they bought 2 rods. i stayed for awhile then left with louis to meet alfred, went window shopping. lol. i expected to see alot of people and CRAZY sales. to my surprise i saw so few people, and hardly any sales la. aftertt i met my mum in the night. went to bishan to see the converse sale. but the goods they sell there are the outdated ones, old stocks. and i couldn't find the one i wanted. so went to the converse shop, which had no sale at all. haha. and i found a shoe i wanted. and it's 69.50 . mum said it was expensive. but i really wanted tt shoe. SHE BOUGHT IT FOR ME !! (((: heees. so happy la. my first converse shoe. lol. i finally got it. tmr i'm going out with rai shikin eliza and fazlina. then sunday with cherie. wanna watch the men in white. a comdey horror movie.
tt's all for now !

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