Saturday, June 9, 2007

my legs hurt ! walked around the whole day. went out with rai eliza shikin and faz. anyway, went to town area to go to the flea market. there weren't much stuff there tt i liked. even if there were, it was way beyond my budget. i was holding back my money so tt i could afford to buy clothes from topshop. i bought a green fish necklace for jasmine. it's cutela, she better wear it. haha. then there was this band playing outside cine, and they were like staring at the lead singer cause he looked like someone. lol. their're so crappy la. crappyFUNNY ! ((: then ate at this ayam something. something gotta do with smash chicken. heck* i don't know how to spell. then headed to bugis. bought a black jeans, straight cut. but it doesn't look straight cut la. it looks more like skinny jeans to me. then bought a small black bag. OH OH ! and i bought a top from topshop. hees. ((: okay okay. then went to vivo. shared money with rai to buy this jellybean sweet. cost 3.50 . she has 2 bucks and i had 45cents. i didnt contribute any money la, still, it cost walking with her all the way back down js to get tt jellybean sweet. we were like small kids standing infront of the counter counting money. so dumb la wth. up the escalator we were snatching for the sweets, which made us look even more kiddy. ha* then went to the rooftop and started crapping around. playing crappy games talking crappy stuff. we took alot of pictures, in which we blocked the pathway. people were like staring at us. especially when they were talking so loud. haha. they're idiots la. make me position the camera then must self time and all. and they just sat there and posed. their're lazy bums la. i went back and forth. eventually faz did it. cause we couldn;t get a clear shot of everyone, somore it was getting late alr. (((:

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