Sunday, June 24, 2007

school starts tmr. )): GAH ! hate school, always have. hate the fact that i've gotta wake up so early in the morning every damn 5 days. the teachers either bore me or irritate me. ughs* i dread going to school. besides, now i've gotta do the prefect duties too. hopefully i'm not in the morning assembly. better yet, hopefully i'll be in none of the duties. cause recess is the only time when i get to be with my friends. after school most of em have got remedials and all. BOOS* nvm. just came back from the jason's saloon. cut my fringe before school starts. so i won't be caught. then again, i NEVER get caught. i've got the freedom of sitting in the aircon room. gotta wear the badge tmr.
accompanied my mum to sim lim square to repair her laptop. then we went to OG to buy some tees for sean , zk and dad. then went bugis village and she bought me skinny jeans. not black blue. faded blue. end next month then i'll buy grey skinny tapered. saving money to shop next end of the month. mum bought a shirt for tash saying ' I'M THE EVIL TWIN'. wanted to buy this other shirt tt said ' DON'T BLAME ME(my evil twin did it) ", for nicole. but it was out of stock. haha. it's funny la. saw it when i went out with eliza rai and the rest. so brought mum to buy it for tash. tash was freaking happy when mum gave her tt shirt. i'll buy the other shirt for nik as her belated present. then the both of them will wear it out. haha. it'll be cool.
boredom starts tmr, todleeeeeeees *

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