Monday, May 21, 2007

after so many months of procrasination, i am proud to declare that i have finally made my EZ LINK CARD !! haha. like FINALLY ! hees. the journey to tiong bahru's so far la. gosh* but througout the whole journey i was in my world of thoughts.
anyway, i finally got back my results today! i dont exactly know each subject what i got. but the good news is, i pass my math, english, chinese, and combine science. i was head over heels la. i hardly pass my math, and when i saw my marks, i was practically screaming inside of my mind. LOL. my english, top in class! wheees. other then that, i failed my combine humans and f&n. i've improved. but if it's not overall, i think i fail alot. haha. cause my CT and paperwork pull my SA marks up. which is a relieve. im satisfied with my results.
need to head out soon to buy my camp stuff, and something else too. gawwwd ! my camp's after tmr! i'm grieving for tt day to come. sighs* i just hate camps. i mainly hate camps that are too long. but if it's with the people whom i'm extremely close to and love so so dearly, then i wouldnt mind. like tt time when there was softball camp with the guys too, i was elated. cause irwan was going too. ACKS* i'm starting it again. smacks forehead*

alright. that's about all. toodles*

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