Thursday, February 8, 2007

went to school today without wanting to know whether he was gonna come or not. he didn't. not sure if his going to turn up tmr. whatever. enough about him. wholeday i've been trying to avoid the topic of HIM. anyways, i kept my whole day busy for the past few days. and realise that i CAN leave without him. i mean, of course it'll take me a couple of days to get used to it. give me around 2 days. went to the library with the nepalese. their're like dead funny lahs. love them alot. heard that daphne did quite well in catching furing the crescent match where i was absent. gonna FIGHT for my own postition. i love that position and i;m the type of person that will NOT let anyone take it away from me. i love my friends. they are the ones who keep me laughing and alive !
now school problems. i hate jane and valencia. why ? lets see. their're so fcuking close to irwan. and jane somore close to that rachel. hate them to the core lahs ! jane practically tells rach everything. it's like.. what the fcuk is wrong with you bitch ? it's not your damn business lahs. somor so stuck up to irwan. the testimonial she wrote to binquan. what.. thanks for keeping me accompany when IRWAN not around. it's like.. why the hell must you caption his damn fcuking name ? in the first place are you even related to him ? are you HIS girlfriend. if not, then get lost. always ask him buy this buy that. then pack his table. and that fcking irwan. pissed off with him too. found out that he lied to me and still he denied it. i don't think i'm gonna approach him. when i can't take it anymore then i will. and it'll be NASTY. trust me it will. fcuking sluts and dumbass fcuking stupid boyfriend. sucha disgrace !

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