Wednesday, February 14, 2007

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ! hahas. anyways, the whole school was kind of valentine day craze ! girls were carrying gifts, flowers etc. the flowers are gorgeous ! hees. irwan says he doesn't want to lose his virgin to giving flowers. he says he'll give me when he marrys me. *BLUSHES i received gifts like chocolates, fake flower, winnie the pooh flower, candles, cards, CANDY FLOSS, and ...
RING . DIAMOND RING ! ahhhhs* irwan gave the belgium chocolate to me and the diamond perlini silver ring too ! so damn sweet lahs. i was over the moon ! his sweet lahs. thats why i love him so much. my prettyBOY * hees. anyways, i gave the people whom i'm close to muffins that i baked for them. i slept at like 3am +. tired, but it's worth it. i love my friends. it's all about the LOVE today !
i LOVE you *

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