Monday, February 12, 2007

we sort things out between ourselves. things are sort of getting better. but his gonna leave school in 1 month. cause he wanna take private Os. anyways, while waiting for him today, watched the soccer match with friends. they are crazy over soccer. don't know why. but our school lost.
yesterday my mum called my tuition teacher to inform me that doudou was missing. i was like ' WHAT ?' i was so scared at that time lahs. waited for irwan to come like for so long then took a cab home. wasted 10 bucks. she was already found by then. lols. should have called home first. but nvm. i was worried lahs. daddy found her at the security guard there.
VALENTINE'S DAY IS COMING !! whhhhhheeeeeeees...... hahas. maybe it's not such a BIG thing to others. it's not really a big thing to me too. but i just can't wait to give my friends what i made for them . (: hees* so excited lahs.

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