Saturday, February 17, 2007

today's the school's chinese new year celebration ! it ended later as usual. right afterthat i had to rush down for training. i was so darn tired lahs. the sun was blazing hot !! spent a little time with irwan then he had to go. cause i'm not gonna be able to see him for the next 4 days. plus it's effing frustrating to contact him. which i rather not do so. anyways, tomorrow i have to go to my grandma's place for renuion dinner. then followed by sunday and monday. hen tuesday going visiting with friends. then the rest of the days are MUGGING days. hahas. BOOS* common test is coming up what. sighs* somore the softball nationals are coming soon. worse thing is that it actually clashes with common test. going to be a really tough week. gotta hang in there though! (: SMILES* wells, it's like WAY past 12.45am. irwan told me to call him at 12am, i did. and he said his prepaid low and to call him at 12.45am. so i did, and he did not pick up any of my calls until now. hich is 1.33am. it's honestly so dpressing lahs. like, somehow he just LOVES to ruin my day. hate it so much whenever he does that. nvm. i told myself, i cannot always rely on him so much. i MUST change. so no use getting pissed with him. it's just him. if he won't change, maybe one day i'll leave. don't know lahs. hate it when he says tings and then don't do it. just feel so urgghhs !! juts don't think about him for the next few days and all. i know it'll help. don't think i'll be calling him. i don't want to. don't want to get myself hurt. still, i love him alot and i'll never let him go.
other then that, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !! :) SMILES___*

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