Wednesday, February 7, 2007

he was online yesterday. i didn't know. he asked me to call him. so i did. sighs* we did talk. i didn't want him to know that i was crying. but somehow i just couldn't take it anymore. he keep saying that he'll change. but he doesn't. he knows what i did to myself, and yet he doesn't even say anything nor does he ask. it's like, do you even care about me ? and i hate some people. it's like, if you're not included into our relationship, then keep your damn nose out of it. it's irritating to have to put up a front. it's not me, and i hate it. it sucks. i now know that he isn't the one that cares or loves me. it's my friends that do, not him. his just my boyfriend. just like that. it's boring. plus it hurts and grieves to be with him. sucks like hell.

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