Saturday, February 10, 2007

sighs* i hate the fact that i always have to go back to him when HE did something wrong. his the one at wrong and always i'm the one that has to go back to him. it's so frustrating lah. i honestly don't feel like being with him anymore. he has such an immature thinking. just because his not happy with what he saw then he ignore me the whole damn fcuking day. so damn immature lahs. can't he just be more mature and talk things out. and yah, so what if i hate her. his so fcuking protective lahs. since you like her so much then go stead with her lahs. not like i give a damn. at least spare me from the hurt that you give to me willingly. i hate people who always say things and don't mean it. it's irrespomsible and it's hurting. supposed to go out with that dumbass today to celebrate valentine's day. stupid ass switched off his phone on purpose. his asking for it. he'll regrett it one day. he will. cause i'm going to do it back to him. hate him so much. feelings for him has really begin to fade away. can't be bothered by what he does.he'll be embarrassing himself. not me. wish i never met him. such a disaster to my life. his ruining my damn life. and unfortunately it's too damn fucking late to turn back now cause im too attached to him. i'm not capable of letting go just as much as i want to so badly. louis told me what my dad said about me and him. it's nothing much. but still, i think whatever my dad told louis and daphne used to be true. but not now. and i hate him SO so much. he doesn't even know how to treasure the things he loves, or rather he CLAIMS. so fucked up. regrett being with him. my life sucks. i just don't trust him anymore. neither do i want to know what the hell's going on with him. i can't even be bothered to see his profile or anything thats got to do with him anymore.
fucking guy ! why don't i go flirt with some guys. let them call me and give them my number. and when they ask me out, i'll go out with them 1 on 1. i'll do excatly what he did to me. lets see if he likes it. so dumb. he don't like me to be so close to guys and his so close to that slut. so freaking dumb to the core. i'm not even one bit upset that i don't have to celebrate valentine's day with him. doesn't matter. don't give a shit. he always ruin every special occasion. fucked up relationship. he ruin my life.

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