Monday, November 28, 2016

Siargao, Philippines: Surfing

We spent the entire morning surfing near Daku Island. Bravo resort contacted 2 instructors to teach us how to surf. First, they will teach you on land the right way to stand up on your board & what to do. After that you get into a boat & they will bring you to the area where the waves are good for surfing. 

It was all good & i was pretty surprised by myself tt i managed to stand up on my board successfully on my first try! I think wake boarding has a big part in it. Haha. Surfing is really fun! Although i must add tt when you fall off your board & crash into the water, the waves that come subsequently after tt is insane. I was frantically trying to swim away from the wave. I got very sea sick after an hour and a half. Vomited on my board whilst paddling back to my instructor. The paddling is insanely tedious man! My arms were so sore!!

Our surfing lesson with rental of the board cost : 500pesos/person for 1 hour
Boat transportation: 200pesos

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