Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Adelaide Botanical Gardens

Visited the Botanical Gardens & i found it to be quite disappointing. My brother said that it's cause we went during the wrong period and it was winter then. So majority of the flowers had died & there was a part of the garden that was under construction, where they were growing new flowers. 

I honestly preferred SG's Botanical Gardens. But yeah, like what my brother said, we went during the wrong timing of the year. I bought oysters from the Adelaide Central Market & a lemon from a veg stall & we ate it at the gardens. We had to quickly slurp up the oysters as there were birds flocking towards us & we were so afraid they'd swoop down to steal our oysters. Hahaha.

 We were told this very precious plant only opens once a year for a day. There was a very long queue of people just to see the bloom! Below is a picture i took of the board they put out on the info of the magnificent plant.

 The part of the gardens thats currently in the growth process.

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