Friday, November 11, 2016

Cooking with the brother

My brother & i are the only ones in the family who knows how to cook. When i say " we know how to cook" i don't mean cooking maggie mee or making scrambled eggs. Nope, none of those. My brother took a class in Adelaide learning how to make sour dough bread. Sour dough bread isnt as easy as it looks. As it's winter it took couple of days for him to rest the dough, giving it time to rise & ferment. He even has his own starter! Pretty amazing. He loved making bread so it was nice talking to him abt something we both have in common.

On one of the nights that we were at his apartment, he made dinner for us. It was a kangaroo steak, corn bread & salad dinner. SO SOO GOOD!! I especially loved his corn bread!! THE BEST I SWEAR! & Normally i don't even like corn bread lol. He accidentally added a lil too much sugar but i absolutely loved it! So yummeh. 

Another night, he invited his friends over & he cooked for them. He made his own bread, mains & desserts. His sticky date pudding was the bombz! Okay i'm like gg off on my brother's cooking but it's really super yummy!! I contributed by making Periogis & Roast Chicken for his dinner party w his friends.

 Look a the large holes in the bread!! Sour Dough bread has to have large holes which shows that the bread was well rested, giving it enough time to rise. The bread was really good btw. & I dislike sour dough bread. 

 Found this in one of the supermarkets in Adelaide & i went crazy. I only realized SG had this flavour too till i got back lol. I only found it at Mustafa tho.
 Fat bananas tt looked so funny it amused my mum and i.

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