Friday, December 2, 2016

Siargao, Philippines : Island Hopping

Siargao is located in Philippines & i found out about the place through my sister. She's been there several times to surf. I decided to go to give it a try. Also she mentioned everything in Siargao is pretty affordable & it truly is. I spent a total of about SGD500 on this trip. This includes flight, transportation, activities, food etc. I was in Siargao for 5D4N.

Flight: sgd200
Airbnb: SGD100
Everything else: SGD300

I would def come back to visit again. I love how chill the place is. 

I booked my stay through Airbnb. I think if i ever stay in Viento Del Mar i would choose a better room. Cause the basic room i had was a shared toilet with other rooms. The toilet was horrible as the flush was so weak & the nozzle for the shower head was weak & half of the water wasnt coming out. 
The staff there were really friendly & helpful. But comfort wise i honestly didn't really enjoy it that much. There was another resort called "Chill out" & Bravo which looked rly good & comfortable. I would most likely stay there the next time i visit again. Well, at least Viento Del Mar the beach was right outside the resort.

Viento Del Mar

Purok 5, Tourism Road, General Luna, Siargao, 8419, Philippines

There are several cafes along the road. Although i do need to add that of the 5D4N that we were in Siargao, our food took more than an hour to arrive at every place we dined at. My sister said cause it's a very chill place so everything is done so slowly lol. But their food is yummy tho.

We did island hoping & usually at every resort you can book through them & they will arrange one for you. But how it goes is that they need to gather more people in order for the island hopping trip to happen. If it's only like let's say just me & Zubz, it would have cost us way more.

We walked over to Bravo Resort which was right beside ours & saw tt they had a board up about island hopping(3 islands) & it cost 1200pesos/person. My sister paid abt 1400pesos for her island hopping. I've read online that others have paid ard tt price too. 
There are other locals who'd tell you that they can charge you 1000pesos for the island hopping which makes it so enticing since it's cheap. But what they don't tell you is that food & entry to one particular island is not included. So when you add everything up it's gna cost you more.

My package cost 1200pesos with everything included. Lunch buffet, free flow drinks on the boat + alcohol, snorkelling gear, boat transportation to all 3 islands & rental of a hut where we ate our food. 

My Siargao Guide
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 Naked Island

 Daku Island

 Guyam Island

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