Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Vancouver, Kitsilano Beach


Kitsilano beach is a highly popular place for both the locals & tourist. I was fortunate enough to get a place within the Kitsilano neighbourhood area. It is a walking distance to West 4th Avenue & to Granville Island. Though i must add that it takes about a 20-25mins leisure walk from Kitsilano beach to Granville island. But it is a really nice walk with gorgeous scenery & pretty houses decorated with all types of flowers!

It is also a relatively safe neighbourhood. I mean, no place is ever completely safe & we should never take safety for granted. But as a whole, Kitsilao is a pretty quiet & safe area. There are restaurants near the area serving Thai, Western, Chinese, Italian, Japanese & Mexican cuisine. All sorts of food! You will never run out of options!


During the summer, they have activities such as Kayaking, Stand Up Paddling etc. I did SUP and it  cost $11/hour only! They were having a promotion then. But it was heaps fun! Runs around Kitsilano was very rewarding. I get to see the area in a different light & as i usually run in the evening, i get to see areas i never seen before so i discover new gems. Also, the sunsets in Vancouver are amazing! It's so soooo gorgeous!

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