Friday, June 17, 2016

Kyoto- Hakone, Gora + Mount Fuji


Coming to Hakone took us almost 2 & a half hours. The amount of public transport we had to take just to get to Hakone, Gora to catch the boat to Lake Aishi to see Mount Fuji was insane.
Firstly, we had to take the Subway to Shibuya. Afterwhich we switched trains to the JR Line to go to Odawara. Which took about 45mins. We then took another train up to Hakone which felt like an hour because it was moving so slow & it kept going back and forth. Upon finally arriving at Hakone, we purchased tickets to take the cable car up to Gora(which is the last stop of the cable car ride). 

After alighting from the cable car, we had to queue up to wait for a public bus to take us to the ferry terminal which we were supposed to take a boat to Lake Aishi. & It was extra cold that day! Sadly, because it was too cloudy, we couldn't see Mount Fuji. Cause actually even from Hakone you'll be able to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji. We missed the last boat by a couple of minutes. Damn sad. Travelled so much then missed the last transportation that would take us to see beautiful Mount Fuji.

The very next day after our sad trip to Hakone where we missed our chance to see Mount Fuji, we flew back home. On our trip back from Japan, the pilot announced that we would be flying pass Mount Fuji & it can be seen from the right side of the plane. I was seated on the left side. Soon after, several passengers stated flocking towards the right side of the plane snapping away & from where i was seated, i saw on someone's handphone the picture of Mount Fuji & it looked so magnificent!

I got up immediately & quickly took out my phone to snap away! Lol. I left my DSLR in my bag & it was in the cabin above. Of all times when i need my DSLR the most why is it not within reach -.- 

Look at it!!! I was extremely elated that we were blessed with this amazing view. God truly works wonders. So sooo happy to see this! Hehe. Made the tiring trip down to Hakone super worth it! (:

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