Monday, June 13, 2016

Kyoto- Kimono Forest + Hot spring + Train rides

After our very disappointing sushi + sashimi dinner, we were walking back to the train station. I looked over my shoulders and saw a row of printed lovely prints. We decided to walk over to check it out & i am so glad we did! It was a Kimono forest! It was sooo pretty! It only lights up at night. Im glad that we managed to discover this beauty within Arashimaya although we arrived quite late & got lost trying to find the Bamboo grove. Well, things happen for a reason right? (:


After roaming around the Kimono forest, we continued our journey back to the train station. It was quite a long distance & it was getting colder. Kh stopped when we saw the shop above. I wanted to try Hot Spring in Japan but because we never really came across any, i didn't say anything until Arashimaya happened! 
We walked in to check the price & it's 1000yen per person. Towels at a rental of less than 200Yen. Pretty reasonable. They do not have private rooms but it is separated by Men & Women. Candy & i were quite shy. Hahaha it's so weird! But we went YOLO & did it anyway! 

I miss it already. There were 3 different types of hot spring water- Normal water, Cherry blossom tea & Milk.
The temperature of the water was damn shiok too. I loved the Cherry blossom one best! It was located at the outdoor area which had fresh air & i didn't even feel cold cause of the super warm temperature of the water. & It was pink! So pretty!

We spent so much time in the trains it's insane. Hahaha plus most of their trains have a rule where you are not allowed to speak so loudly or use your phone with the sound on. Almost every train we took no one was talking. Everybody had their heads lowered looking at their phones in silent mode or sleeping. I love the fact that Japan is such a clean country & everyone is so extremely well mannered! 

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