Friday, June 10, 2016

Kyoto- Arashimaya Bamboo Grove

Getting to Arashimaya Bamboo grove took us about an hour plus to find. We walked from the nearest train station to the Bamboo grove. The walk there was extremely breath taking. The view was amazing! There was an entire park of Sakura trees. SO BEAUTIFUL!

We got lost trying to find the Bamboo grove within Arashimaya park. The locals kept giving us different directions so we were like walking back and forth until i saw a group of people running across the train tracks. That's when i realised the tall bamboo trees and was extremely elated to have found it. By the time we got to it the sky was starting to turn dark. We quickly snapped photos before it went completely dark. The photos didn't turn out the way i envisioned it would. Oh wells. It just means i gotta visit Japan again. Hehe. There is a map from the Saga Arashimaya Station to guide you to the bamboo grove.


Nearest Train Station: Saga Arashimaya Station

*All shops close at 8PM, best to visit in the morning-day time*



The waygu beef was cooked well. Medium rare- Just the way i like it! (: All the shops inclusive of restaurant, closes at 8PM. So it's best to visit Arashimaya from morning onwards till late afternoon & no later. There are many shops & restaurants at Arashimaya area. It's like a lovely little village. I would love to visit Arashimaya again. & This time, I'm gonna make sure i arrive earlier. Hahaha.

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