Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vancouver, Granville Island.

I was told by a friend who used to live in Vancouver that i have to visit Granville Island. I searched online that Granville Island is not that far off from Kitsilano but i didn't know how to get there. On my second day in Vancouver, i decided to explore the area. Specifically Kitsilano & West 4th Avenue area. But i took a wrong turn and ended up walking by the beach & i just followed the shoreline.

I walked to the 'No Leash Zone' dog beach, where i took a short break to watch the dogs & their owners bond. I continued walking after & saw a sign stating that Granville Island wasn't that far off. I decided to follow the directions & after several minutes i reached!! I was insanely happy lol. Who'd known my little exploring would bring me to Granville!

Granville Island is amazing. I spent hours there just walking around. In fact, i think i actually spent more of my time at the Public Market walking ard looking at the food! Everything looks so good its so hard to pick just a few! 

Granville Island is open from 9AM-7PM daily!

This is a little housing for people to take a book to read in return they would have to put back one. Such a great idea though.

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