Monday, August 31, 2015

The Panic Room SG

After so many years, i kinda cut my hair. Okay not cut, but shave. I refuse to cut my hair short but idk why shaving is okay? Hahahaha. Doesn't make any sense but yeah.

Did my hair tattoo at THE PANIC ROOM. The panic room is an old school barber shop tt does grooming, shaving of the beard & moustache for men etc. Just think old school hair styles, but chic. It's mainly for men actually. I asked my barber if they do cut women's hair.. Was told they have barbers tt do know how to cut so it's okay for females to head down to have a cut too!

The place a 10min walk from Aljunied MRT station. Just use google map to find out how to walk there. The shop was filled with mostly guys having their slick hair cuts. If u do ever go down, don't forget to make an appointment first. They are constantly fully booked so make an appointment first.

Contact: 82289063 

If you are looking into doing hair tattoos like the one i did, ask for Mervyn. His work is rly awesome so u need not worry abt having an epic fail hair tattoo. CLICK HERE to view his work tt he uploads on his IG daily. I swear u'll be blown away.

Below are a few pictures i grabbed from his IG page:
Photo credits: Mervyn

Or if you do not wanna do any hair tattoo but just a clean cut & styling/shave, u can request for this barber called "Fad". He is good too! Check out his IG page of his sick work HERE!

Below are a few pictures i grabbed from his IG:
Picture credits: FAD

Location: 311A Geylang Rd
Contact: 82289063 
(Make appointment first by What's App or call if u must)

Barbers: Mervyn & FAD

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