Friday, August 28, 2015

5 Years with my love.

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31 July 2015, was our 5th anniversary. This relationship with R is my longest. I know tt the amount of years spent tgth doesn't determine the value of one's relationship. However, it's the time we spent tgth as a couple to help each other grow in different aspects of their life tt matters. Love is obviously present in a relationship(esp if it's 5years right?).. But i'm talking about how your other half has helped you grow & improve on. R has helped me in many ways. To name a few, he has helped me:
  • Be punctual at all times (I am still working on this factor a lil. Lol)
  • His act of services extended to me such as sending me to & from work
  • He taught me how to be thrifty by telling me "Only buy what u NEED & not what u WANT".
Tbh, when i enrolled into Culinary school, i am pretty sure i wld have been expelled if not for him(i'm not a morning person). He woke up earlier just to sent me to school every single day just so i can sleep a lil longer & made a detour to ride to work after. Back then, he was serving his 2 years for the Nation. No matter how tired he was, he wld still fetch me from school/work.. Even when i insist he rest instead. 

While he & i may have had our nasty arguments due to our several disagreements, we still stuck by each other. I don't know why i love him so much despite the many times he has let me down. But i guess tts what love is no? I for one, see the good in others instead of harping on the bad. Yes i admit i harbour the negativity & rmbr what the other party has done to upset me. However, i'm someone who prefers to see things in a positive light than in an pessimistic way. It's just who i am. 

5 Years with R has been one crazy roller coaster. While we may have our differences, we still stayed on tgth to fight whatever barrier tt lies ahead of us as one- One team. We have been tgth for quite sometime to the extend tt we always, ALWAYS.. End up texting each other at the exact same time (not exaggerating at all). It's funny how 2 people who spend so much time tgth start to act & think alike. 

We had a very simple anniversary dinner & i made him a video of our 5 years tgth. I always take random videos & photos for this very purpose- To collate the videos all in 1 & watch it 5 years down the road. Which is why when the day for our 5th year arrived, i cldnt wait to show him the video. Watching how loving we both were throughout the 5 years reminded me why we stuck tgth in the first place. It reminded me tt no matter what obstacles we faced, we overcame them all & at the end of it.. When we look back, we were hand in hand, side by side, always. 

While we are both uncertain of what the future holds, i do hope with all my heart, tt maybe.. Just maybe, i'll get to spend the rest of my life with R. It sounds insanely impossible due to obvious reasons which i doubt i need to state it here cause it rly is so darn obvious.. But i have grown so attached to R & have fallen so madly in love with him tt i can't imagine a life without him. I know i sound so clingy, but it's a fact i can't run away from. I just love him tt much. 

Here's the video i put tgth for him: 

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