Sunday, August 23, 2015

Kota Tinggi

Snippets of our mini road trip to Kota Tinggi. Thankfully for me, R & Zubz ride bikes. So it saved us a helluva time travelling. We took bt 1hr tops from SG to Kota Tinggi. R knows his way ard JB well enough so we were rly fortunate. Srsly saved so much time than taking a coach or something. 

Anws, like i mentioned in my previous post.. You are not allowed to wear bikini at Kota Tinggi. You have to be covered. Which is why theres only 1 pic of me wearing a bikini before the guys working there saw & told us we have to be covered. I brought an extra shirt just in case. The toilets there are rly dirty. There's no water heater or whatsoever. So i suggest either u take a rly quick shower & get out of the toilet asap, or just bear with it. I took a quick bath & rushed out of the toilet. Lol. 

Like always, we dropped by Jln Dhoby for dinner & some shopping at our fav vintage shop. The area at Jln Dhoby is very hipster like. Many things to see so it's def worth a visit. The shops there open from 6pm onwards. We waited more than 2hrs for our vintage shop to open. Zzz. Oh &, we also did foot massage at City square mall. Prices are all reasonable. This pretty much summed up 2 of my off days which these 2 angels took leave just to accommodate to my off days :*) Def looking to many more holidays/kick ass road trips with these 2!

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