Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ikea Family sale.

 A random photo of dd & i. Heh.

There was a major 1 day IKEA FAMILY sale in mid August. Everything was dirt cheap! I cldnt believe the pricing! SO SO CHEAP! I headed down right after work which only gave me 45mins left to shop before the store closed :( To think at 10pm there wld be lesser people.. But noooo, i was so so wrong. It was crowded & every cashier had a long ass queue. It was insane. Well, with the prices slashed like crazy, who wldn't chiong right? LOL. Even i did. I wanted to purchase a 4 tiered shelf which was rly spacious but when i headed down to the pick up area to get the item, it was all gone!! I cldn't believe my eyes. The cashier told me by 12pm there were many items tt were alr sold out.

I got a couple of items such as rugs, decorative items, dustbin & potpourri. Everything was rly cheap as compared to the original pricing. There were several stuff i had alr intended to get but was alr sold out. Oh wells. Tough luck. I do love the persian carpets at Ikea tho. Just tt they are super expensive and were't on sale.

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