Thursday, August 20, 2015


Zubz & R took 2 days leave on a weekday during my off days to go on a mini road trip to Kota Tinggi. Took is an hour to get to Kota Tinggi by bike. We lazed at the waterfall for a couple of hours before leaving. The temperature of the waterfall is extremely cold. I thought it wld be at room temp. As it is Malaysia, just a tip in case any of you plans to go Kota Tinggi, you are not allowed to wear bikini. You have to be covered. I didn't know tt & wore a bikini. Thank goodness i had a spare tee with me which i wore over. 

The very next day, these 2 stayed over at my place & we woke up to swim! Mainly to test out my recently bought floats! Hehe. I bought all of em from Carousell. Took me months to find the ones i wanted at a reasonable price. Many of these sellers price the floats at a crazy amt of 90SGD & above! Ntm, majority of em are on preorder status. I managed to find one tt sold the Swan float at 70SGD. Probably the cheapest i found online thus far. I have a donut float too which i didn't bring as i tested it out before. The Coke vending machine float i bought through Carousell too. Price was less than 30SGD. 

I am currently obsessed with floats. I have 7 floats in total. I plan to hold a float pool party for my 24th! Sounds crazy but i can't wait!! It's gna be sooo much fun! Heh (:

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