Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sundate w R.

My off day is on a Sunday so i spend my time w R & sometimes w the fam. We wld make it a point to go out  not stay at home. We only get to spend time w ech other on tt day so we make every sec count! We wld meet for lunch & then do whatever it is either of us hv planned for the rest of the day. We watched The Hobbit which was a 3hour long movie. I loved it v much. Always loved the Hobbit series. I love cuddling next to R in movies, w my legs on top of his snuggled underneath his arms & my head on his chest. I love how he pulls me close every now & then & holds my hands. Little things like these, makes me happy the whole day (:

 We had lunch at a hamburger place below Ion called " Charlie & Co." Pretty decent food they serve at a shockingly affordable price.

 We had the New yorker's burger. It was not bad. Def not the best i've had but for $11 it's quite alright. No sides or anything, just the burger it self.

 R always making sure i drink plenty of water or liquid.

 I love this guy here very very much. Sometimes, he makes me so bad i wanna punch him in the face.. But he makes me laugh & makes me really happy on most days.

Aztec skirt: ASOS

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