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I realized i havent dedicated a post on the New Year's. So let's begin with a short recap of 2013.

2013 has been a year filled with many ups & down. Through these trials & tribulations, i have learnt to come out stronger. Every year, i make it a point to travel to a few countries when i can or if my work allows me to. In 2013, i have been to several countries . But i am js gna put up pics of the countries tt made a big impact in 2013.


I went to Maldives on a Vacca in Jan 2013 w my fam. It was the best vacca i've been to & i enjoyed myself so much! It was a great start to 2013 & i cldn't be more grateful! Maldives is such a beautiful place & i am glad i can now strike it off my bucket list & i hope, someday i will be able to visit again (:


Bali was a half pain half pleasure kinda trip. With brutal honesty, i did not enjoy myself fully whilst i was there. From this trip, i learnt a lot about myself & others. I cannot travel with people whom i am not comfortable with. These people are R's friends. He has some form of unspoken rule with his friends which i do not know of. Thus, i acted the way i did & i will not take it back. Because i have my reasons and their actions are a result of my response.

Still, i know deep down someday, i have to make amends with them if i do end up settling down w R. All i keep thinking is i just want my boy to be happy & not have a barrier between his friends & i. But, apart of me kinda doesn't care either. Oh well. So this Bali trip was a half and half!


Tioman was after Bali, & it def did make up for the bad trip i had in Bali. Cause this time, it was with MY friends. I made a new friend, Adam, through Zuby. They are a bunch of people whom i wld travel with again. I have known Rai for 10 years now, & Zuby through her, for several years. These are the 2, whom always lift me up when i'm down.

So i traveled quite a bit in the year of 2013. Now for the people who are in my lives that i am, and always will be thankful for.


 I thank God that he is in a good condition & tt i get to see him every now & then. I don't live w my dad, so i don't see him v often. I don't talk about my family matters cause it's obv smthing i don't wanna talk abt. Anw, i pray that he gets a house soon & i can stay w him on weekends so i can spend more time w him. It's all tt's on his mind. My dad has worked hard & long & all i ask, is for him to be in good health & have a proper roof above his head.


My mum and i don't get along v well. But i don't deny tt she has worked the hardest to get my siblings & i to where we are today. What we are & what we have, is all because of her. She is a role model to me. Someone who started from the bottom & worked her way up. & Damn right she deserves every bit of success she has worked hard for. I thank God everyday too, tt she is in good health & i hope, someday, she will find someone special who wld love her whole heartedly & treats her w full respect & love.


My sisters are very quiet & are NOTHING like me. Hahaha. They are v laid back people w super slow response (it pisses me off). But i love gng to their room to talk to them. I am so happy for them both tt they are currently doing what they love. Oh &, Shu xia! She is a woman of great generosity & kindness. She has super clean skin & does not even use facial wash (wtf?!). So lucky lor. Anw, back on topic.. Sx is now a close fam friend & she takes such good care of the twins. I see her as a gurdian angel to the twins. Lol.


 Throughout my culinary journey, meeting Chef Ant is the best thing tt has ever happened to me. Why? If not for him, i wldn't be where i am today. He took me in when i cld have been posted to some shit western attachment site. I learnt a hell lot from him & the rest of the kitchen team. I have had so much fun and laughter w them tt it made me see that not all kitchens are boring & scary. Cocotte will always be the one place tt holds sweet memories close to my heart.


I knew Chef Aly from Cocotte. She brought me over to Wolf, where she is the CDC. I am glad i followed her because i have learnt so much from her. She is a Chef whom u can learn so much from and is not the kind to talk but no action done. She is always in the kitchen standing at the stove cooking alongside us. She ensures that the working environment is a fun one. I thank God, for having the opportunity to work for Chef Aly & starting Wolf tgth w Allan & her!


 I've known Justin & Javier from secondary school. I love them both so much. They are both like brothers to me. They are the ONLY 2 guys whom i am comfortable enough with to share all my troubles & embarrassing moments. They are great guys & i rmbr every moment where they have been there for me to lift me up when i was at my lowest. Sure, we have had our arguments . But i am glad we made up & are still good friends. They mean so much to me, i don't wanna ever lose them. I always think of them as my fav 2 (:


 This bunch of people.. Ah i love this photo so very much! It's everyone i love in 1 pic (:

 Stacy stacy. I met her in Sec school too. She was in my class. We have been close friends ever since. Stacy is someone who brings pure joy to everyone's hearts. She has a kind of spunk in her that spreads. She makes people happy. & Tt's what i love about her. I have so much love for this girl i will never wanna lose her. Not ever. If u've met her before, u'd understand why she's someone u'd wanna be ard so often (:


3/4 of my friends are all from sec school. Claris, i have known her for 10 years. We have our differences tt i won't deny. But we have been through so much shit tgth & def have seen better days. I miss the times in school where we saw ech other everyday, studied tgth, gossiping & talking about our future. Now tt we have both went our separate ways doing our thang, we drifted apart. I do miss her. I hope, in 2014, i will get to see her more often. I don't wanna lose her in 2014, or ever. We had so much fun when are in the same room. Always endless things to talk abt (:


 (From left to right: Rai, Zuby, Shi kin & me)

I know Rai & Shi Kin from sec school. We have been close friends ever since & we have gone through thick & thin tgth. We have seen each other's downside & we were always there for each other. Sk & i knew Zuby from Rai a few years back & we love her so damn much! Zuby is sucha fun & light hearted person to be ard. These are the people whom u can totally be yourself & not be judged. They were always there for me & their words of encouragement never failed to get me back up on my feet. Always wanting the best for each other. Again, i wld not wanna lose them, ever (:


I have never been to a concert before. It was never my kinda thing. I am not the type to spend so much money to go see a band cause to me, it is a waste of money. However, in August 2013, i attended a gig w Hazel to watch The XX live. & I am soo glad i went cause it was so darnnnn good! My first ever experience w Hazel, whom i met at Cocotte. She is such a lively person & i like her v much also cause she is the malaysian version of me! HAHAHAHA obv i wld love her even more pls. *flips hair* Hahaha. Anhyhoos, watching The XX live was so surreal. Hands down, one of the best things i ever did.


If u have been a true follower of my blog, or u know me well enough, u'd know that i have a thing for cameras. I love taking photos.. & No, i don't mean selfies. Hahaha. I still love taking photos, gng places & taking nice shots. My first DSLR, my Canon 450D, was alr half dead. So when R bought me the latest Canon DSLR, i was beyond overjoyed! Plus then it hadnt hit the SG shores. Only 1 or 2 outlet had it. & He managed to find one (: R buys me things i use and not redundant items. Tt's what i love about him. He is matured enough to see past the things i want & need. Def one of the best moments in 2013, receiving the cammy! (:


How can i forget my love. 2014 will be the 4th year we've been tgth. & He is also, the longest i've ever been w. 2013 wasn't a good year for us. We have had more downs than ups. But through it, i have learnt to come out stronger. I am not gna lie, but 2014 will be the year to decide whether or not we shld continue as a couple. I don't think i have to type out the reason why. It's pretty obv. & It saddens me to think of tt. I am so used to having R by my side tt i can't live a day w/o talking to him. I love him so so much. I am the type of girl tt loves with my all. He has taught me so much & if not for him, i wld still be as blur as a block. He was the one who guided me through my blur moments. He loved me w his all too. & I don't wanna lose him as a companion ever. I love him too much to let him go. I just can't..

So 2014, bring it on. I'm not gna make goals or resolutions and what not. I have learnt tt making all these resolutions & shit only end up disappointing u when it's not accomplished. So, i'm just gna do whatever i want in 2014 & live my life! I want to be happy, tt's all. With everyone i love (:

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