Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Clothes for CNY with Zalora.

Chinese New Year is in 2 weeks time! Have u guys done your shopping yet?

If you haven't, fret not! ZALORA will save you the time from walking from shop to shop just to find the perfect CNY outfit. They have a section specially catered for CNY clothes. If you are looking for a Cheongsam, they have it! Unless u are the type who does not like to follow tradition & goes modern, u can shop at their other categories instead.

Click on THIS LINK to start shopping at their CNY section.

There are 4 different designers in the CNY Boutique category.


 In my opinion, of all the 4 designers, my fav is Ezra. This designer's clothing are more me. It's the kinda of clothes i would wear for CNY. Plus, it's pocket friendly!

Price range: $19.90-$39.90

Price: $24.90
Link: Link: Mandarain collar fitted printed top

Loving the beautiful floral prints on this Mandarin collar top.

Price: $39.90

How can anyone not love this floral swing dress?! The cut is perfect! The floral prints look like some kickass painting & the best part is u can re wear it again for a date, or over dinner with friends! It does not look too traditional which is not a bad thing cause then u could wear it again instead of wearing it once a year which would be a waste of money.


Inner Circle's designs cater to both teenagers & adults. Their cheongsam designs are modernized & they also have a few dresses that steer away from the whole traditional looking typical CNY clothes.

Price range: $34.90-$69.90

Price: $64.90
Link: Lotus print cheongsam

I loveeee this piece of Cheongsam! It's so pretty!!! This is a beautiful piece where any girl who wears it will look really sweet.


 The designs from Melinda Looi & Amber Chia are very unique. Their designs are very simple & clean. No florals or loud prints. This is for people who like their dressing to ve subtle, yet eye catching at the same time. If tt is you, then their designs will be perfect for u!

Price range: $38-$168

Price: $78

Wanna look chic & elegant at the same time? This Jacquard skinny pants wld do the trick! Plus, you could rewear this pants and pair it with another top & u have a whole new outfit! Plus points for this chic looking pair of pants!


Clotheir CNY designs are a mix between western & chinese. I would wear some of their more westerned designed dresses for a date or to work even! Nope, it's not the kind tt u'd wear once only for CNY & chuck it at the back of your closet! So if u are looking for a dress or top tt u can rewear again, then Clothier would be the right choice for u.

Price range: $39-$148 

Price: $69
Link: Short sleeve knit dress

After wearing this for your CNY visitations, you can rewear it to work & people won't even think it looks very CNY-ish. So it's totally worth the money.

Price: $119
Link: Cut in sleeve qipao

I love the pop of colours in this qipao! It's def very eye catching & u wld stand out!

So what are u waiting for?? Hurry visit ZALORA'S CNY shopping category & start shopping away!

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