Monday, December 10, 2012

Rainy day

It was a rainy day so i was covered to keep warm (: Put tgth an outfit tt wld be perfect for a rainy day! Don't like being wrapped up completely lest it'd look like i'm overdoing it plus this is S'pore, not Antartica man.

Anw, i caught Twilight w my best friends & R (: It was surprisingly not bad! Am not a die hard fan though. Just a very curious girl who wants to find out what happened to Bella & the whole vampire clan in the end.

Floral bustier top: Twistpolka
Cream flare skirt: Series (Gift from my sister)
Gold vintage necklace: Flea market @ Scape
Bracelets: Chomel & F21
Wedges: HK (i know, i wear em too much. Way to much. But only because it matches almost anything plus it's pretty comfortable.)

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