Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Childhood video


Part of my life; Always will be.

People i love so dearly.

Close to my heart, as always.

Here's the vid as promised. If the video takes awhile to load, let me tell you it's worth the wait. Cause it's really hilarious. If you can't tell which one is me, i'm the smallest one with short hair! The one tt's always whining. Lol. Video's all about my family when we were staying in Shanghai & the things we did. In the video you'll see my siblings & i sitting at a table playing some game with my mum as the game master. It's not a kinda game kids play. It's a game my mum teaches her participants cause her profession is a Training Director. LOL. So she uses those games on us. Funny right. Lol it's IQ games in short. If your speakers not loud enough, turn the volume up so you can hear the video. Happy viewing (:

P.S. This is not the full video. I cut away some parts lest it'll be draggy. Click the 'Play' icon on the bottom, not the one on the top! (:

See the part where i cheated when we were running? HAHAHA. I suddenly detoured halfway. LOL. Yea i always cheat just to win when i was little. LOL. & The eyebrown one is super hilarious. Can't believe i did tt.


The Estee Lauder cosmetic set (My advance christmas present from aunt)


Mirror & Brushes provided.


The cosmetics ^^

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