Monday, November 16, 2009


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You fill in the blanks.

It feels sooooo good waking up any time i want, & sleeping at any time i want (((: I decided to give going the gym a miss & went over to Zy's plc as he is unwell. Had a great time spent with him (: His dad cooked dinner. I never ate with them before. It was akward at first, but it wasn't so bad after awhile. I had an awesome day with him (: It's time well spent (: Having him hold me so close to him, always holding my hands even if we're at home, the look in his eyes whenever he looks at me just feels so good & assuring (: & Most of all, the expression on his face when i'm walking towards his house is just priceless. We smile like mad the moment we lay eyes on each other. Sounds cheesy. But it's true (: He got me a dress from Vaingloriousyou (:

I can't wait for December to come. Or rather, the following months to come. Have so many things planned & can't wait for it to actually happen ^^ Gonna be awesome.

Have been watching shows after shows lately. I have completed the full seasons of 'Merlin'. Now i'm watching the new season for Family Guy!!! ((((: Gonna watch it later. Have been playing the piano lately. Learning to play a particular song for Zy. It's so difficult. My fingers are sore from the late nights trying really hard to play the paino. Lol. I regrett quitting to play the piano then. Should gave continued. Then i would have longer fingers. Hahaha.

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