Monday, November 9, 2009


Happy with what i have.
It just brings back heart-felt memories.
Tt particular 'Her' made me realise (:

2 More days & O's officially end! ((((: Yay! Can't wait! Heh ^^ Anyway, i was reading Xia Xue's blog, & her 3rd recent entry was super funny! If ya'll are bored or have nothing better to do on the internet & need something to make you smile..( Go to her blog! It's hilarious. Her comments made it funny. (: LOL. I still can't stop laughing man. Hahahaha.

Anyway, last night i was watching some home-videos my dad took when my siblings & i were just toddlers. Mum converted the vids. Watching the vidoes bring back memories. I kinda miss Shanghai. & Not to forget, i now believe my dad when he said i was a spoilt brat. I really was!!! I kept laughing when i saw how naughty-whiny-spoilt yet cute i was when i was little.. With my mushroom hair & bangs (: My mum really pampered me ALOT man. I always gotwhat i wanted. Always the first in line, wanting to win etc. When we played sports, i MUST be in the front of the rest. & I would cheat! HAHAHA. I promise to show a small part of the vid to ya'll real soon! :D

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