Sunday, October 11, 2009



We have finally reached our 1 year tgth. Like you said, only you & i will know the real official date we got tgth. Lol. Anyway, not a doubt that we have been through alot! But through these tough times, we come out stronger & more sensitive to each other. People may talk amongst themselves, saying we will never last. But look where we are now. We've proven them wrong. Despite the fact that we always argue in the past, with much confidence & faith, i know that we have def improved so much more! Things ARE getting better. Thanks so much for today. Esp the one-of-a-kind present you gave me. It really touched me to the maxxxx! The best gift i've ever received so far (: I love you baby! I look forward to the rest of the days ahead of us. Better days are yet to come :D

Today marks the day Zy & i got tgth 1 year ago. Close friends of the both of us, would know that we never did get along from the start. We're def not a perfect couple. But, the one thing tt kept us tgth, is our strong love for one another. No one believed tt we would make it this far, but we did (: I am glad i made the right choice in choosing Zy as my boyfriend. He may not be perfect, but who is? There's something about him tt is completely different from other guys. Something tt sweeps me off my feet. A kinda feeling tt i would never ever wanna leave him. Cause i know i'd regret it. (: I love him very much.

P.S. I will be updating on our 1 Year Anni soon! Be patient yeah? (: I will reveal the super duper shocking unique gorgeous priceless gift tt Zy gave me! It's really super duper sweet! (:

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