Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Always a part of my life.
Always loved & cherished.
I will meet him in heaven one day.

Currently having mock exams this week. Very tedious. Studying like a mad person. Keep telling myself to endure for 1 month! Lol.

Anyway, last Sunday, October 11, was the death anniversary of Scottie. I was so caught up in my own stuff i totally forgot about it & i feel terribly bad. It's been 3 years since he left me. & There's never a day where i don't think about him. I think about him every now & then. I miss him so so so so much! 11 Oct' 07- The day he passed away. The scene of me bringing him to the vet to put him down was heart breaking & it keeps replaying in my mind. The worst part was the look in his eyes. The way he looked at me as i turned my back to walk out. I was crying so badly. I miss him so so much. Sometimes i would tear whenever i think of him. Because i blame myself for agreeing to put him down. I only did it cause he was suffering badly. I just wish i would have kept him longer. Scottie is not just a dog. He's family, & always will be till the end.
I have very few photos of him. Back then i did not own a camera. The memories i have of him, are more than enough..


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