Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hidden emotions.
Deeply worn out from everything.
Sleep deprived. Troubles don't seem to disappear.
Something's wrong.

Have you ever felt like running away from everything? To go some place far and wide, yet quiet where you can be all alone. Have you ever felt so beat down that you can't even find a wee bit of strength to stand up on your own two feet? No matter how many times you tell yourself 'Everything's gonna be okay', it just doesn't seem to add up. The feeling of anxiety, fear, and the pressure of being a "perfect" person.. It just doesn't seem right. The only person i can lean on would be God. He never fails me. But this time, i can't seem to hear him. Something's really wrong. Not with anyone, but me.

I' ; m désolé pour vous échouer. Lecture de vos lettres chaque fois que je suis revenu à la maison de l'école, il me fait le cri. Je me sens si délaissé.

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