Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pulau Ubin

Pulau ubin on Sunday was pretty awesome. I had fun & didn't think about anything else. Friends and i headed there to do our recce as we were planning a camping trip the following weekend. It's been a couple of years since i last visited Pulau Ubin. Some things never change. It brought back fond memories of my time at P.U when i was schooling.

P.U has facilities for people to camp indoors like a chalet. If you want to feel the real experience of camping outdoors, there are a couple of places to pitch your tent & sleep there! But there was only 1 camping ground we came across tt had a bonfire built for ppl to use. Which is the one closest to the assembly area. There is no need for a permit to pitch a tent at P.U. In SG, a permit is required. 

Renting of the bumboat cost 30SGD & can carry 12ppl. If u have pets & intend to bring em over with u, u are required to rent the entire boat at 30SGD for u and your dog or with your friends. If not, it's $2.50/head. 

Rental of bicycles depends on which shop u go to. The one we rented from was the last shop & our bicycles cost $10/person. That is depending on which bicycle we took. It's best to rent a bicycle when at Pulau Ubin. U see more of the island & save your feet from getting sore. Walking will be torture. Trust me, i tried before.  

  I am not a fan of Chendol. Never really liked the taste of it until i had Makan Melaka's Chendol. It tasted different from the one i had before. It wasn't the usual kind of Chendol i had expected. It was different, different good. You gotta try it for yourself to find out!

Makan Melaka
Blk 1, Changi Village Rd
 Chendol with Glutinous Rice, $1.80
Original Chendol, $1.50

I know the picture above doesn't do the chendol any justice on how awesome it taste. My friends and i quickly mixed our Cendol totally forgetting to take a photo first. Anw, i had the Glutinous rice chendol. It was not bad. My friend had the Original chendol.

  Durian chendol, $2.10

Personally, this is my fav. They give a generous amt of Durian & it's sweet & fresh. Really good!
  Mee Soto, $2.50


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