Monday, November 3, 2014

Wet & Wild Run 2014

I participated the Wet & Wild Run with my friends this year & i am def not gg back next year. It was totally dissapointing & a waste of money. I was supposed to go w my kitchen friends but they cancelled last min due to work issues. I got my friends to substitue them instead. 10am was the first wave. Ours was at 1230pm. 2 & a half hours into the race, many obstacles were being shut down. We are paying such a big amt to join this race & we can't even do all the obstacles. As we joined in group, each person cost 71SGD. Individual wld be 80SGD+. It was crazy ex. With such a pricey tag, i wld expect nothing less from the organizers. Unfortunately, it was horrible from the beginning. 
Here are a couple of reasons why this Wet & Wild run sucked:

  1. We had to queue under the hot sun for 1hour+ even if we were 20mins early before our actual wave timing.
  2. No water was given out to the poor participants standing under the hot sun. I saw a girl, & i am not exaggerating, vomit & fainted. Her friends had to hold her up. & This is BEFORE the race even started. When R went to get a bottle of Revive, he was told it is only for participants who finished the race- TOTAL BULLSHIT. So do u expect us to burn under the scorching weather with dry lips licking off our perspiration as a form of water to quench our thirst?
  3. The emcee told us at the starting point to skip the last obstacle as we had to wait about 1 & a half hour due to a super long ass queue. But wait.. Isn't the last obstacle which is the huge slide the MAIN thing?! 
  4. Into 15mins of the race a couple of obstacles were shut down & we were told to skip it for it was faulty. This is a total waste of our time & money! We spent so much for the set up of the obstacles & they shut it down due to some error.
  5. All the obstacles had super long queues which resulted in us having to queue at a minimum waiting time of 30mins! 
  6. The goody bag contents sucks balls! Who the hell wants a Zalora voucher where u still end up needing to SPEND MONEY in order to get a discount! Again i say, total bullshit!
  7. The after party literally was dead. Nobody even partied. 

 Despite the horrible experience we had at the Wet & Wild race, it tried our best to make each other laugh & having fun. Tho it was really hard to be happy when 95% of the time we are standing under the hot sun waiting for ages before it was our turn to go for the obstacles.

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