Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I'm doing my best to move on & let go. So far it's been hell with me waking up to certain parts of my pillow soaked in tears & sleepless nights. But i am getting by. 

Anw, my 23rd birthday was on 26th Oct. On the eve of my bday i spent it with my closest friends tgth with momsie & Uncle Ian at DBS Sailing event. Where we were taught how to sail. It was pretty interesting & a fast 30mins. Ard evening, we headed to USS for the Halloween Horrors. It was my first time attending the USS HH & i doubt i'd be gg back again. The queue was the main problem. The v first haunted house we queued up for had us waiting for 1hr30mins. Tt stalled us the most. The rest of the houses were about 30-45mins wait. All in all if u calculate the amt of time u spent queueing up takes up almost 3/4 of your time. Which shld be spent sitting the rides & stuff. I felt the waiting time was kind of a buzz killer. I cld see from my friends faces tt they were bored to death waiting in line just for a mere 5mins scare in the haunted house. 

I do love the set up of the haunted houses tho. It was v well done & def worth some of the wait. Anw, we left ard midnight as the queue at every ride & haunted house was just crazy. We split into 2 groups & all went diff ways. I had supper w 2 friends & R. The rest went home.. Or so i thought. By then it was alr gg 3am & i was mad sleepy & all i wanted to do was go home to my bed! But R insisted we go Yishun dam to slack. Tt's when i knew there was a surprise for me. Every year i find out. Hahaha. Also cause a month back i saw R's whatsapp with a groupchat about my bday -.-

I was super touched really. Cause i knew everyone was mad tired yet they still prepared food for my bday surprise & went back home just to get the stuff for the surprise & travelled all the way back to Yishun! Also, they made me a bday gift which i absolutely love! Handmade gifts are the best!

 Banana made wrap & Zubz made her own nachos dip! Super awesome.

 They even drew some of my closest friends on the comp! Some super accurate! Haha. They made a trivia game board for me and printed the faces seen above into stickers! My friends are designers thus the artsy fatsy-ness.

 I love this bunch of ppl. Am blessed to be able to celebrate my bday with them very year & most of all, to have them in my lives. Ppl whom i know i can lean on & will support me.
 On the actual day of my bday, R brought me out on a super simple celebration. Which as actually my idea. Anw, we watched a movie on my phone at our fav place. We lasted for a mere 20mins before gg back to my place as there were js too many ants! It had just rained u see.. So yeah.

 Dinner time was with my family at La Pazziola! (:

So yup. Tt's pretty much how i spent my 23rd. 1 day after my bday, i met my dad for my bday lunch. 4 days before he passed away. I miss him so much. I'm glad i got to meet him & spend time with him.

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