Thursday, October 30, 2014

Vietnam (part 2)

 Super fresh & yummy grilled cuttlefish!

The Cliff Resort and Residences 

Phu Hai - Doc Da (The Cliff), Ham Tien / Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Vietnam 


The service, room, swimming pool & breakfast at the Cliff was awesome! I wld def go back!

 The moment the car reached the red sand dunes, many children started running after the car and surrounding the vehicle with their hands placed on the window waiting for you to come out. They were like crazy vultures who wont back down. It was crazy & kinda itimidating. These kids will rent out those bluish plastic slides u see in the pi above. We paid 50000VD(3sgd) per person.
 Red sand dunes.
Mui Ne, Phan Thiat, Vietnam


 See the kids at the back? Tt was what annoyed me the most! I hated tt they were constantly around while we played. I wld have preferred more privacy with my aunt & cousin. It annoyed me so much tt they wldn't back down & were very pushy. But, it was pretty fun sliding down the red sand. Tho it will get into your undies and all. Lol.

 In the background u can see the White sand dunes. Which sadly, we never had the time to go there :( Heard u cld atv on the white sand dunes & tt it is much better than the Red. Perhaps another time then.
 Visited the Cham village & learnt a lil history on Vietnamnese people.

 Those are look out points for the Vietnamese soldiers during the war.

I had an unfortunate morning on my flight back to SG from Vietnam. My bagpack exceeded by 1kg & the lady attending tome refused to let it pass & said i had to buy excess baggage which cost 40usd. I had half the amt & cld not draw any money with my DBS card as it is not for international use. What's worse was tt i was alr running late for my flight and it was due for boarding in 25mins. Long story short, i had to take out stuff from my bag. & I got to check in eventually. Security & passport stamp was taking so long i panicked like mad. Then my gate no. was changed & i had no clue. Waited at the wrong gate wondering why there were so little ppl till a floght attendant from another airline came up to me & told me the changed gate no.! In which, i ran the wrong direction & ended up perspiring like mad. When i reached the right gate, there was an anouncement shortly after tt my flight was delayed. Oh gawd i was relieved to hear tt. Cause by the time i reached the gate, it was 845am & my flight to board was at 825am. So thankful for God's favour lest i wld have missed my flight. Am so glad to finally be home(:

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