Monday, October 6, 2014

Cliffs of moher

So, continuing where i left off about my Ireland post.. I spent an extra 5 days in Dublin by myself instead of being in Milan & Cinque Terre w my family as i actually left my passport in my check in luggage which was in my bro's apartment back in Cork. It is an 6hour drive from Dublin to Cork. I didn't know my passport was in the luggage then and there. So i thought i lost it. We were at the airport, standing right infront of the departure gate. Everyone helped search through my bag & took out all the contents. Bro booked a hostel and mum put me in a cab. I cried at the very last part when i was gg down the escalator w momsie. I was sad & very sad tt i cldn't go to Milan w em. I was looking forward to Cinque Terre in fact. I cried in the cab & the cab driver was so nice. He tried to cheer me up & even offered his place for me to stay. Before we went our seperate ways he pat me on the head & said everything's gna be alright. & Gave me his no & home address just in case i needed anything.

Momsie, twins, Sx, Hazel, the Tany's, Uncle Ian, & R texted me throughout my 5 days alone in Dublin. They made sure i ate, helped me look for places to visit, & even help me find the contact & address to make a temp passport. Their support & encouragement gave me the strength to step out of my comfort zone. I was, or rather still am, a person who doesn't like to be alone. I was always so dependant on everyone ard me. Thus, i took for granted what i shld be doing myself. I was scared to death. I had to find my own way & i suck at reading maps. I lost my way so many times. The worst day was when i lost my way & have been out the entire day. & All i wanted to do was to get back to the hostel and rest. Then it started pouring so heavily & i had to use the bathroom so badly. All shops started closing at 6pm. So there were no toilets i cld use. Man, i was freezing cold. My fingers were numb as hell. I was wearing sandals!! Idk why, but in London & Ireland, their shopping bags are in the form of paperbags. They do not have plastic. My paperbags were soaked and it tore. All my clothes were wet. My camera was moist. I had to go into a random store and ask for 2 paperbags. The sales woman was kind enough to give it to me & she even helped me.

So, i decided to attend the Cliffs of Moher tour. Which momsie & Uncle Ian encouraged me to do so. My day started at 630am. Found my way to the pick up point, hopped onto the coach, & off i went on my solo adventure. The tour took an entire day which i returned back to Dublin at about 930pm.

The view though, was breath taking. I loved it. But i felt lonely. I wished my family was w me enjoying the moment. I wish R was w me hugging me, keeping me warm. It was mad cold. But from this trip, i learnt to open up to strangers. Meaning, i took the courage to talk to others. I even made a new friend otw. Who is a Taiwanese. She is a lovely girl.

 Tap dancer. She's really good. We had to pass through a town to get to Cliffs of Moher. Where we had lunch & were given a brief tour on it's history too!

 Eating this warm guinness beef stew in the cold weather is super shiok!

 The harpist made the scenery much better with her sweet voice as she plucked her harp & sang along. I have a video of it! Will post it up some other time!

 This is Abbey. The Taiwanese girl i met on the tour! (: She heled me take most of my photos at the Cliffs of Moher.

P.S. Im off to Vietnam, HCMC, in a couple of hours. Its currently 436am. My flight's at 130pm later! (: Flying solo this time.

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