Thursday, July 3, 2014

London day 3, HARRY POTTER!!

I was looking forward to this day. As the title of my post says.. HARRY POTTER!! Yeah we went to the HP exhibition where it was all filmed! It was extremely cool! Also, i think i hyperventilated a bit when i stepped into the exhibition hall. I cldnt contain my excitement. It was way too cool & felt so surreal just being there. I can now tick this off my bucket list (:

I highly recommend attending gng for this HP exhibition & it is nothing like the one SG had a few years back. London's one is way wayyy better. Obv since it was filmed there. Okay i shall stop talking & let the pictures do the talking (: Maybe then it will convince u guys to go? Hehe (:

The HP exhibiton ended around 5pm. By the time we got back to the city it was 6pm. We had 2hours to shop in Oxford street. Oxford street is a huge place where ppl go shopping. Think Orchard, but 5 times bigger & better. Most brands i never heard of, only those famous ones like Topshop & Accessorize, i know. There's this shop called "Sports link direct", go inside!! Trust me, u won't regret it. Not interested in sports stuff? No prob. Go to the basement level, it's where all the men & women clothes are. & They are nice & cheap!!! Branded shoes sold there were all marked down which made it so much more worth buying. & The shoes were the nice kinds, not the obiang ones. Clothes for both men & women were not bad either. I bought a couple of stuff.

We then had dinner at Byron's. We ate there the night before & mum insisted we go back there one last time as we were flying off to Ireland, Cork, to meet our brother. Oh i forgot to mention, on the 3rd day he left to go back to Cork.. Where he lives & has been studying there for 5 years.

Harry Potter exhibition tour
Price: 30pounds/person 

Khaki outerwear: Butteredgun
Floral romper: Vaingloriousyou
Oxford ankle boots: The closet lover

Pic credits:
The shuttle bus goes by time slot. If im not wrong they have it on their site if u wld like to take the shuttle bus. It is much more convenient to take the bus so u need not worry about finding out the directions on how to get to the HP tour. Can't rmbr how much it cost so just check out the website i stated above the start of this post. 

 HP's room below the staircase.

 Minutes away from gng through tt big door and stepping into the great hall! Was totes excited!

 Entered the great hall. It was pretty amazing.

 HP's on set jacket.

 Wand makers.

 Gryffindor house.


 Ministry of magic.

 Pivet drive no. 4

 Butter beer.

We queued up for almost 30mins for this. & The taste? Not tt great. It ws just.. meh. Tasted more like mug root beer.
 HP parents house.
 The Hogwarts bridge.

 Lord Voldemort.
 DIAGON ALLEY! I literally went nuts here! It was so sooo cool.

An overview of Hogwarts.

 Choosing wands (:

 The gift shop.

 Oxford street. It started to rain. It was extremely cold!

In the changing room. Erm.. Trying on kids clothes. Haha i was too embarrassed to use their fitting room so i went down to use the adult fitting room instead. Lol. I shopped alot at the kids section in almost every store i went into. I cld fit in the 13yo clothes. 

 Dinner at Byrons again. I had the Vegetarian burger which i loved a lot!
 Nachos & chips.
 Mac & cheese. THE BEST!!!

Ending off this post w a pic of me at the train station on Day 4 where we were headed to Ireland, Cork! (:

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