Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ireland, Day 1

The next day after HP exhibition, we woke up early to catch our flight to Ireland, Cork. It was a 1 hour plane ride. & Just when we were about to leave the hostel it started raining. It was mad cold. On our way to the airport, we took the train btw.. We had to change train. While waiting for the train to come, we sat at a bench & my mum put her bag down, our lugagges by our sides. The moment the train arrived we quickly pulled our lugagges in & the doors closed shortly after. It all went by too fast. Just when the train started moving my mother screamed so loud the entire cabin turned to stare at her. She realized she left her bagpack on the bench & the train had alr started moving. She was in a major panic mode. We cldn't hit the emergency button as it wld cause other ppl in the train to be late for their work/appointments. Also, trains arriving before the current train we were in wld be stalled too.

We got down the next station and my mum got help from the station master. They called the other station to inform them of a missing bag & off my mum & sis went looking for her bag. We were praying really hard tt her bag wld not be stolen as this is London. I'm sure many have heard of pickpockets there. Her bag had all her impt documents such as passport, wallet & handphone. It was crazy. 35mins later a train arrived & out came my mum & sister WITH the bag! Thank God for his mercy & grace.

Moral of the story?

Never ever leave your belongings out of sight.. Not even for a sec. Keep em on you ALL THE TIME.

After all tt saga, we hopped onto the plane (thank goodness we decided to be kiasu & left extremely early for the airport lest we wld have missed our plane cause of the lost bag) & reached Ireland. Brother rented a car & we drove to his house to chill awhile before heading out to Blarney's castle.

 Leaving London. on a rainy day.

 This was when my older sister & i were waiting for my other sister & mum who went back to get momsies bagpack. A pretty terrifying moment.

This is how i slept on the plane & during roadtrips when i got tired. My beanie was a great source of warmth & blindfold. Hahaha.

 U can't really tell from this photo.. But it was mad squeezy as we had to put our luggages on top of our laps due to the small boot. Cldnt fit all 4 of our luagges! Lol.
 Reached our bro's apartment!

 After settling in our hostel, we then headed to Blarney castle & gardens.

Blarney castle
Blarney Co. Cork, Ireland
Tel: 024-4385252

Entrance fee 
Adults: 12 Euros/person
Children: 5 Euros/child

I do recommend renting a car & driving up to the places u want to visit. Why? Personally, i felt tt we had more freedom doing whatever we wanted to do. In a tour, everything is timed & it feels rush. Also, w a car, we cld stop whenever we wanted, where ever we wanted. So we saw more than one wld in a tour. Not all rented cars come w a GPS. My brother used his phone's GPS to navigate around & we had an upperhand on directions since he alr knew his way around Ireland better than we did & he understood the signboards. The several roadtrips we took to get into the country area often took about 2-3hours. My bro drove really fast so we wld reach within an hour & a half or in 2 hours. The view away from the city & into the country side is spectacular. It's so darn beautiful i snapped lotsa pics.


After kissing it my brother then decided it was the "right" time to tell Tash(who kissed it before i did) & i, tt rumours has it tt ppl peed on the stone just for the fun of it... -.- He waited till we did it then only did he tell us this disgusting story. Lol.

 Okay at this point, my mother was not w us. She was at ground level. She refused to walk up the ultra steep flight of stairs tt are insanely narrow & small.. It made it difficult to walk. If u're fat, I hv no idea how u're gna squeeze up. It's extremely narrow. My mother is terrified of heights. Thus, she did not follow us up.


 We were inside the poison garden.

 Felt like i was in a Game of thrones episode! Hehe got me all excited.

 Below are a series of photos on how my sisters tried to climb their way up the huge tree branch! Its pretty hilarious.

 This is me trying to push Nik up as it was too high for her. The tree trunk was also v smooth, thus, making it difficult to get a grip.

 Perf shot (:

 Got a stranger to help us.. Unfortunately, both photos she took was blur :(
 Poppies everywhere!!

 As u can see from this pic, my lips were peeling quite badly. As the weeks went by it got even worse. I had to lather on loads of lipbalm every now & then. I have this habit of peeling my lips. So coming to a cold country wld only meam my lips are gna peel for sure.

 Its so clean there i just ran up the slope & rolled! Hahaha sister started shouting saying "U dont even know whats inside the grass & how dirty it is. Now your hair has fertilizers all over." I didn't care so i cont rolling. Hahaha.

 Lavender (:

 MY FAV FAMILY PHOTO OF ALL TIMEEEE!!!!! Everyone looks so normal here. Hahaha.

 Saw this particular tree everywhere during our roadtrips. It's such a beauty dont u think? (:

 On our way back after touring ard Blarney's castle. This was somewhere ard our hostel. Found this uber adorable Mario graffiti i just had to be in it!

 My beautiful momsie (:
 If u're ever in Cork, u HAVE TO drop by "Annies" for lunch or dinner. Was told their menu changes everyday! Idk how they do it man. Hahaha. But the food is good. Really really good! Quality food.

 Smoked salmon

 Seafood couscous.
 Squid ink pasta w calamari rings & pan fried seabass.
 Ribeye steak w beetroot butter.
 I always order Medium rare. However mine came a lil rare. But i didn't mind so i cont eating (:

 Molten lava cake- DELISH!
Banoffee tart!

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