Friday, June 27, 2014

London day 2

As we were pretty worn out by the first day, we woke up later at like 7am? Wth right. Hahaha we were supposed to wake at 10am. Idk why everyone woke up at 6am?! Lol. Ended up having breakfast at a store called "Prets-a-manger". Which served up really awesome chocolate croissants!! Drooling even thinking bout it (:

Brother brought us around London. We headed to the touristy places such as, the big ben & London bridge. It was mad crowded btw! Packed w ppl! Also cause the London Eye was near it. Anw, it was just a building, nothing much really. Just to take photos of it. Haha. We then met up w our cousin who is currently working there for a few years now, at Covent Gardens. Had tea break at Paul's & a great catch up w the cousin (:

We did lotsa walking tt day. The entire day we walked more than we took the train. Which i loved cause i got to see the city more than i wld in a train! Brother brought us to 2 parks: St Regents & St James park. Both of which, are absolutely beautiful!! St regents is my fav (: They had daisies dotted all over the grass. Swans & ducks swimming in the lake or flying above your heads. Pigeons feeding on bread & dogs walking in the park. It was such a beautiful sight. I wish i was back there again, i really do :*)

 St Regents park.

My fav park of all cause of the numerous daisies tt filled the grass, & beautiful ducks, swans & pigeons tt were waddling across the river. Best thing's tt the sun was out & it wasn't hot or humid.. It was 15 degree Celsius so it was the best weather to be in the park (:

 I wish the ppl behind me were photoshopped away!!! Ugh. They spoil my pic!!!

Aurora midi skirt: Shop Megagamie
Oxford ankle boots: The closet lover

 St James park.
Where the squirrels there were so friendly and not afriad of humans, unlike the ones in SG.

On the red bus.
 Buckingham Palace.

 Met up with our cousin at Covent Garden for tea break at Paul's patisserie.


After meeting up w our cousin we were off to see the Big Ben & other stuff!

 It got a tad colder so mum helped me put on my scarf. She even taught me few ways to do it (:

 Had to cross the London bridge to get to the Big Ben.

Tried to take a fam pic w the Big Ben at the background w my GoPro.. But obv failed and didnt realise it was not a proper shot till i reached back at the hostel... Oh wells.

Crochet cardi: Forever 21
Aurora Midi skirt: Shop Megagamie
Turquoise bralet: Love Bonito
Printed scarf: Aldo
Twins & mumsie.
 Skate park.

 Dinner at Byron's proper hamburgers.

99 Wardour Street
London W1F 0UD
Tel:  +44 20 7434 2505

Their Mac & cheese is a must try!! Its soo darn good!!

Their milkshakes are a MUST TRY too! Everyone said its yummy & smooth. I didn't try cause i dont like milkshakes.

We did a lot of walking as i mentioned earlier. So we ended our day at Byron's for dinner. (: Well spent day 2!

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