Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ireland, Day 2- Ring of kerry

For the entire 2 weeks of my holiday, my fav wld be this very day, 28 May 2014. We took a roadtrip down to the Ring Of Kerry. & Along the way, the drive there was beautiful. I cldn't keep my eyes closed & kept staring out the window. There were sheeps along the road, some grazing amongst the vast pastures.. The greenery is just magnificent. God's creations are downright awesome & way too beautiful. It was breath taking.

 It was cold, but i saw afew other ppl having ice cream. So i thought to myself.. "I wanna try eating ice cream in the cold too!" Haha it was a v bad idea. It made me feel much colder.

We drove to a nearby town to have lunch. I think it was called Dingle Bay? Can't rmbr but it was the town where they sold the freshest seafood. Brother wanted to bring us to a restaurant tt is well known for their seafood & fish & chips.. However, it was not open till dinner time. Thus, we settled for something else. Realized the people in Irelands eat their Fish & Chips w either ketchup or malt vinegar. Which i didn't like at all. They didn't have chilli sauce :( Haha next time i travel to Europe again ima bring my own bottle of chilli sauce! LOL. I cannot live w/o chilli. 2 Weeks w/o chilli i cldn't take it. Hahaha.

Alrighty then. Till the next post.. (:

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