Friday, August 1, 2014

Ireland Day 3- Garinish Island

3rd day in Ireland & i was lovin every moment of it! Think i fell in love w Ireland more than i did London. Haha. I'm more of a nature's kinda girl. & Ireland is extremely beautiful (think i've said this more than 10x alr).

We were on a lil roadtrip to Garnish island. Set off at 8am, arrived at our destination at about 9.15am. Took the first ferry out to the Island. It looked kinda like Botanical Gardens but more flowers & better views. We spent a couple of hours there before heading back. If u're not into flowers, or greenery in particular, don't visit Garnish island. It will be boring to ppl who aren't fans of flowers & such. Oh &, there was an entrance fee. I can't rmbr how much it was but in groups it was cheaper.

Garinish Island, Co. Cork, Ireland
Bantry BayGlengarriffIreland

We went shopping in the afternoon after our morning visit to Garnish Island. By then it was ard 2pm. I've heard so much about a huge shopping place called "Penny's", & the fact tt its known to be cheap & their clothes are not bad. So i was v eager to head to Penny's to shop! When i got there, it was crazy. I saw so many passer bys holding a huge paperbag with the words printed across "PENNY'S". The clothes are not of good quality. I would say Penny's is kinda a mix of F21 & Cotton on. I bought a lot of stuff from them tho cause it was really one of the most affordable shopping places compared to the others i came across in London & in Ireland.

Dinner we ate a place called Scoozi. We were supposed to dine at another restaurant but it was fully booked & my brother was a tad mad at us cause we took too long to shop. But this was the twins fault! We cldnt find them & they were late to the given timing my mother gave for us to gather at a certain point for diner.

Here's a really funny conv between the twins & i whilst waiting for the captain to arrive to ferry us to the island.

Me: Look!! Look at the sun rays streaming through the sky! It's like God is trying to say something.
Twins: To you? Yup.. God is saying to you "Admire my creations but stop taking so much photos of it."

Hahaha it took me awhile to get it & i shot her the death stare. Haha thinking back abt it i find it super hilarious. Annoying sisters.

 Tobelrone cheesecake.
Left: Banoffee tart
Right: Tolberone cheesecake

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