Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ireland & London sneak peek!

Finally back from my holiday on 8 June. Havent had the time to use the lappy till today. Havent even got the time to transfer all my photos onto the lappy. When i have the time i will do so. It's 2 weeks worth of beautiful photos & a drama tt unfolded in Ireland. More abt tt once i get my photos sorted out (:

 Sandals from femmerougue, U can only find them on IG.

 The buskers there are awsome. Irish ppl are really goof musicians. Every busker i came across sounded amazing and i stopped at almost every one i came across to take the time to listen. This band, Keywest, were the best. Some of em were pretty hot too. Heh.

 When i saw these houses, i cldn't help but keep staring at em & imagine myself living in one of these cute lil houses w bay windows and creepers covering the walls. How beautiful. My kind of dream home to live in w my family, & R. Imagine dd running around at the backyard, she'll be so happy!
 My current fav pair of midi skirt from shopmegagamie.com
& My fav pair of rusty brown boots from theclosetlover.com
 There were ducks everywhere in London parks. Extremely beautiful. Swans too.

 Fudge fudge fudge!

 My siblings & i (:

 Big Ben, London!

 Squirrels in London are friendly. As in like they arent like the ones we see in SG where by they get afarid and run away when they see ppl or hear footsteps. But the ones in London will come up to you for nuts if u have some & wont run away! Super adorbsss.

 DIAGON ALLEY! Was totes happy to be there! London's HP exhibition!
Blarney castle, London Cork.

These are the few photos i got off my phone. The buildings in Ireland & London are extremely picturesque. I love the architectural there. Cldn't help but to keep my head up and my eyes peeled on every building i walked pass.

Ireland was the best tho. I love greenery & seeing farm animals grazing the vast fields. Really really beautiful. Wish i was still there. & Ntm, the parks are way wayyyy gorgeous!! The ones in London especially! Almost every park tt i went to, had daisies everywhere!! Super pretty!!! My dream come true to be in a field of daisies!

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